Vehicle Decal Design Contest

Vote for the 2018-2019 Vehicle Decal. 

Welcome to the third annual Vehicle Decal Contest hosted by the City of Falls Church Treasurer. There were 20 submissions by local high school students -- we received a lot of amazing original artwork! This year's winning design will be featured on 13,000 vehicles starting in the autumn of 2018. Prizes will be awarded to all five finalists featured below.

Who Can Vote?
Voting is open to City residents and employees including police, firefighters, library staff, government employees, teachers and other school employees.

How Many Times Can I Vote?
Only one vote is allowed per computer/smartphone/tablet/device/IP address.

How Can I Vote?
Votes are being taken only by this SurveyMonkey link. Please vote for your number one choice!

When Does Voting Close?
Voting will close at 11:45 p.m. on Thursday, February 22. The winner will be announced at the City Council meeting on Monday, February 26, which starts at 7:30 p.m. in the Senior Center of the Community Center (date subject to change).

A Note for Viewing on a Mobile Device
Please view this voting ballot in landscape -- turn your phone long-ways -- so the artwork proportions are accurate.

Thank you for your time!

* Which design should be the 2018-2019 vehicle decal for the City of Falls Church?