2017 MTI Employee Handbook Member Survey

MTI Member Survey: 2017 Employee Handbook Review Process

Each summer, representatives from MTI meet with representatives from the MMSD to consider revisions to the MMSD Employee Handbook.  This annual review process provides both the employer and its employees an opportunity to discuss potential changes to those items covered by the Employee Handbook. Changes recommended by the joint review committee are then forwarded to the Board of Education for consideration. We expect these discussions to commence in early August.

So far, the MTI/MMSD Handbook Review Committee has identified the following issues for this summer’s Employee Handbook Review:

Compensation: The district wants to explore potential changes to the teacher salary schedule based on the recommendations provided in the Cross & Joftus compensation study. MTI wants to explore other necessary salary schedule modifications. The EA salary schedule will also be discussed given the salary compression due to the $15 per hour starting wage.

Benefits: Specifically the timing of the commencement and ending of benefits; the potential addition of vision and short-term disability insurance; and open enrollment dates.

Staff Only (Professional Development) Days:  Current Handbook language requires that the structure of these days be determined at the building by the principal and SBLT. MTI supports the continuation of this language. However, contrary to the Handbook language, numerous schools have been required to attend district-wide PD on these days without the concurrence of their building SBLT. The District is interested in discussing modifications that would allow for this.

Special Education issues including compensation for Section 504 re-evaluations.

Teacher planning time. This has been an area identified as a concern by MTI members.

School based leadership team (SBLT) composition, structure and role.

School calendar for 2018-19

Ideas for addressing the chronic shortage of substitute teachers.

As you can see, we have some major issues that we will be working on over the summer.  We will be providing MTI members with updates and further opportunities for input as these discussions commence.

However, before we commence we would like to know whether we have neglected to include any major issues critical to you. If you have additional issues that you would like to see prioritized in the Employee Handbook review process, please share them below.  Items that are not addressed in this summers discussions may also be added as discussion items for next school year.   Please complete the survey by Friday, July 28.  

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* 1. In the space below, please provide your top priority for 2018-19 Handbook Discussions

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* 2. Other issues of importance that you'd like to see addressed (not included above) in Handbook discussions.

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