Term 4 2017

* 1. Do you have children in..    (mark all that apply please)

* 2. Are you a Teacher or Childcare Worker?

* 3. Please rank the topics you would like to hear about in our next Seminar (1 -10)

* 4. Are there any other topics that would be of interest to you?

* 5. Are you on Social Media

* 6. If Yes, which platforms?  (Mark all that apply please)

* 7. Do you like and follow the VPC Facebook page?

* 8. The VPC Facebook page is updated regularly/daily with interesting articles on parenting, education and education related articles  We also accept details of articles to post from our followers and post them if appropriate.

* 9. Do you or your school use the VPC website for parent information?

* 10. Would you consider volunteering some of your time and/or skills to the Victorian Parents Council?  If so please leave contact details.  Also, please add any other comments you may have.