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* 1. As you will know, Management Learning Laboratories has been conducting comprehensive recreation needs assessments for over three decades. We have now created a "best practices" workshop that addresses the following issues with regards to needs assessments:

  • Discussion of the theoretical and philosophical implications of needs assessment in recreation
  • Pragmatic value of doing needs assessments
  • Discussion of the fundamental assumptions and foundations on which a needs assessment should be conducted
  • The best methodology for conducting needs assessments and user surveys
  • The best strategy to create a comprehensive request for proposals for needs assessments
  • The standards to use in judging proposals for needs assessments
  • The best ways to utilize the needs assessment
  • Overview of statistical procedures needed to analyze needs assessment data
  • Overview of the analysis of Big Data from social media for decision making
  • Demonstration of an analytical tool for needs assessments

MLL will be offering the Fall 2019 Workshop in Winston Salem on October 18, 2019 starting at 9:30 am.  Would you and your colleagues be interested in attending the Workshop?