Fall 2011 Course-level Assessment

No matter what we call it, we are all doing assessment at some level in each of our courses, measuring student learning and achievement and reporting it, at least as course grades. This survey is a campus-wide tool to formalize the collection and facilitate the sharing of this assessment data. The questions are developed from the HLC Fundamental Questions. Estimated time of completion: first use 15 min, subsequent use 5 min.

* 1. Please enter your course information:

* 2. Which summary best describes this course's student learning outcomes as evident on the current syllabus for this course?

* 3. Thinking in the context of your program or those this course serves, how could the program show this course's outcomes are appropriate to the mission, programs, degrees, students and other stakeholders?

* 4. What kinds of evidence do you collect and analyze in this course to demonstrate that students have achieved your stated student learning outcomes? (select all that apply)

* 5. In what ways do you analyze and use the evidence of student learning collected in this course? (select all that apply)

* 6. OVERALL, considering the factors identified above, assign this course an Assessment Factor Score (AFS) (from 1 to 4). The AFS can be used in program-level assessment, particularly when reviewing service courses from other departments.

* 7. In a short sentence or two provide an example, quote or caption summarizing for this course your use of assessment data to "close the loop"; that is to collect and use evidence of student learning to improve the effectiveness of your efforts, student learning, and to inform others of what students learn and how well they learn it.