This is the form to submit a proposal to present at 3CSN's Tutor Expo '16, the professional learning conference by and for tutors, faculty, staff, and administrators connected to tutoring and learning assistance within the California community college system.

The deadline for proposal submission is 12:00 p.m., Saturday, February 13, 2016. Accepted applicants will be notified via email shortly thereafter.

Presenters may conduct a poster session (45 minutes) or a breakout session (45 minutes). Applicants are encouraged to submit proposals on any range of topics connected to the enrichment of learning and student success through tutoring (learning assistance) including, but not limited to: tutoring approaches, methods, and techniques; online tutoring, supplemental instruction, discipline-specific tutoring, course-embedded tutoring, faculty-tutor collaboration, tutor training, program/department development, etc.

Additional Information for Gavilan College (Gilroy, CA) Proposals: The theme for this conference will be “Making Connections,” and applicants are encouraged to interpret this theme broadly in their proposals.

*Poster sessions are an open forum where presenters stand near their posters and engage in conversation with guests who walk around and view the posters on display.

*A breakout session consists of a dedicated room and time slot where an audience will attend a specific presentation.

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