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Welcome and thank you for your interest in this survey. The survey has 28-39 questions and should take 15–20 minutes to complete.

This survey is conducted by Northern Policy Institute in partnership with multiple groups and agencies across the various regions of Northern Ontario. Our purpose is to assess former residents’ level of satisfaction with the community they previously resided in, and their reasons for leaving the community. This information will better inform local-level decision-making and service provision.

Your participation in this survey is voluntary. If you decide to participate in this survey, please note that you may withdraw at any time. If you decide not to participate in this survey or if you withdraw from participating at any time, you will not be penalized. As well, you are free to decline answering certain questions.

The results of this survey will be generalized in reports published by Northern Policy Institute and other survey partners. No personal identification will be revealed. As well, anonymous groupings of the data collected will be shared, on request, with the survey partner organizations, policymakers, and program delivery agencies in Northern Ontario.

Northern Policy Institute will ensure protections are in place to keep your personal information confidential and ensure all data is stored in a secure format with secure access.

If you need assistance filling out this survey, please contact Mercedes Labelle ( for service in English and Martin Lefebvre ( for service in French.

For those who complete this survey there is an opportunity to enter into a draw for a chance to win one of two $100 Visa Prepaid gift cards (one draw each week between February 1 and February 15).
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