WEF has introduced incentives for participation in programs like Exhibitor Invites, and is adding new recognition in the form of the Standout Exhibit report. Please consider how WEF can provide your company the greatest rewards and recognition for excelling in these and other areas.

Question Title

* 1. What would be the most valuable reward for your company for exhibitor activities at WEFTEC?

  Greatest More Average Somewhat Least
Generic gift card
Discounts on current or future contractor services
Discounts on current or future WEF services
Discounts on current or future advertising
Services/special treatment for company/booth personnel onsite

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* 2. What would be the most valuable way to provide recognition for participation in exhibitor programs at WEFTEC?

  Greatest Above Average Average Somewhat Least
WEFTEC Twitter Account
Digital badge
WEFTEC Facebook Account
weftec.org exhibitor page
wef.org (WEF news)
Award for display

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* 3. Please add any comments regarding exhibitor recognition or rewards for these programs.