2018 Recognition Cycle

Please direct questions to Ben Krupowicz at bkrupowicz@imec.org. 

Applications are due by Friday, April 6, 2018.

Serving as a member of the ILPEx Recognition Program Board of Examiners is a unique opportunity for professional and personal growth, and benefits organizations throughout Illinois that strive for enterprise excellence. Examiners can apply to their home organizations experience in understanding and applying concepts of process improvement, developing analytical and consensus-building skills, and familiarity with a systems perspective.

By completing this survey you verify your support of the Examiner applicant(s) to pursue this professional development opportunity through the ILPEx Recognition Program.

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* 8. As the manager/supervisor of    fill in name in provided textbox   , I understand the required time commitment and responsibilities of an examiner, and I will support and encourage his/her contributions throughout the process. I understand that if he/she does not finish the 2018 Award Cycle an additional fee of $600.00 will be charged for dropping out of the program.