Psychology Department Informed Consent Statement

Study Title: Existential Attitudes and Beliefs I

Experimenter(s): Andrea Cohen, Adam Halpern and Matthew Dohn

Description of Experiment: Participants will complete a set of anonymous surveys online.

In order to participate in this research study, it is necessary that you give your informed consent. By signing this informed consent statement you are indicating that you understand the nature of the research study and your role in that research and that you agree to participate in the research. Please consider the following points before signing:

• I understand that I am participating in psychological research;

• I understand that my identity will not be linked with my data, and that all information I provide will remain confidential;

• I understand that I will be provided with an explanation of the research in which I participated and be given the name and telephone number of an individual to contact if I have questions about the research. In addition, I understand that I may contact the Psychology Department Coordinator of Human Participants Research, Alan Tjeltveit, at 484-664-3420, if I have questions concerning my rights as a participant in psychological research or to report a research-related injury.

• I understand that participation in research is not required, is voluntary, and that, after any individual research project has begun, I may refuse to participate further without penalty.

Risks and Benefits: There are no anticipated risks associated with participation in the present study. Participants may benefit via learning more about the relationships among various personal beliefs. The data obtained through participation will also benefit our scientific understanding of these relationships.

This study was reviewed and approved for online data collection by the Muhlenberg College IRB on 4/17/2014.

By clicking the box marked “I Consent” I am stating that I am over 18 years of age and that I understand the above information and consent to participate in this study being conducted at Muhlenberg College.

Question Title

* 1. Please indicate your voluntary consent to participate by selecting one of the following options: