Brand Evolution Readiness

In order to get a sense on how ready your brand is for an evolution, use the following tool. At the end of the survey you'll get score and summary of your brand's readiness for an evolution.

* 1. Our customers often compare us to a few key competitors and we sometimes get confused with our competition in the marketplace.

* 2. Our Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and/or Customer Satisfaction Scores are at or below industry averages.

* 3. Most of our customers are more interested in (and request) discounts and price promotions; they just want our products or services at a lower price.

* 4. Our brand is making incremental product refinements and marketing adjustments, and it's seeing only nominal results in the marketplace.

* 5. When we look at our competitive field we see more and more competition that we have to react to.

* 6. Our sales team is continually asking for more and more tools and marketing support to differentiate us from the competition.

* 7. Our marketing and social media strategy requires us to constantly tend to and nurture what the audience is saying about our competition and us.

* 8. The loyalty of our customers (repeat purchases and referrals) has declined within the past two years.

* 9. We have difficulty in attracting and retaining the best talent for our team, and job turnover is increasing.

* 10. Our leadership seems more driven to increase revenue and profitability versus increasing employee engagement and customer satisfaction.