Teachers: Apply to receive a free Everest science kit for your classroom!

Montana NSF EPSCoR and Montana State University are providing 10 Montana teachers with a free Everest Education Expedition science activity kit, which allows Montana teachers and students to follow along on a Spring 2012 Mt. Everest expedition led by Bozeman resident Conrad Anker and including MSU geology professor Dave Lageson.

The Teacher Kit includes a GPS unit along with detailed information for classroom use; maps; rock samples and geology tools; weather measurement equipment and more. The teachers who are selected can keep the kit for their classrooms.

Kits are designed to be incorporated with EEE lesson plans, which are designed for Montana fifth grade standards Teachers of grades 4th through 8th are eligible to apply.

Teachers do not need prior experience with GPS or with teaching the topics, but must be willing to incorporate the Everest science into their classrooms at least once per week throughout the duration of the climb (approx. mid-March to late May 2012)

The deadline for application is Feb. 6. Winning teachers will be notified the follow week, and kits will be sent prior to when the Everest expedition leaves Montana.

Teachers who receive a kit will be asked to
--use the kit materials at least once per week during the duration of the climb
--chronicle the class's activities with photos or video
--interact with the climbers via email (and maybe Skype/videoconferencing if possible) a few times during their expedition
--consider how to share the Everest science beyond their own classroom
--complete an evaluation of the project at the end of the expedition


Any questions? Email outreach@montana.edu

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