* 1. Your Information:

* 2. With which Evans Enterprises location(s) do you primarily do business?

* 3. What repair service is Evans Enterprises, Inc. providing for your company now?

* 4. Repair quality/reporting

  Yes No N/A
Do current Evans Enterprises, Inc. repair quality standards meet your requirements?
Does current Evans Enterprises, Inc. repair reporting meet your requirements?

* 5. New Sales- What items does your company purchase from Evans Enterprises, Inc.?

* 6. Customer service

  Yes No N/A
When calling Evans Enterprises, Inc. for service, are your calls answered promptly?
Do personnel taking the call respond courteously?
If requesting Evans Enterprises, Inc. drivers pick up items for repair, do personnel taking the call inform you when the item will be picked up?
Do drivers arrive at your location as promised?
Are repaired items returned when promised?
When calling Evans Enterprises, Inc. for new sales, are your calls answered promptly?
Do personnel taking the call quickly inform you of the status of the requested part?
If the requested item is not in stock, do personnel inform you when it will be available?
If an item requested is not available from Evans Enterprises, Inc., do personnel offer a suitable replacement?
Do items ordered arrive as promised?
If shipping delays are encountered, do Evans Enterprises, Inc. personnel inform you of the delay?
Do items arrive in good condition?
Are Evans Enterprises, Inc. delivery drivers courteous?
Do Evans Enterprises Outside Sales personnel call on your company?
Has an Evans Enterprises, Inc. salesman visited your company within the last 90 days?
If appointments are required, do Evans Enterprises salesmen keep the appointments?
If Evans Enterprises, Inc. salesmen are unable to keep an appointment, do they reschedule promptly?
If Evans Enterprises, Inc. Outside Sales personnel do not call on your company, would you like to have someone to come by?

* 7. What additional repair, parts, or services would you like to see Evans Enterprises, Inc. provide (if any)?

* 8. Quality/Improvement

* 9. How do you rate your overall satisfaction with Evans Enterprises’ products and services?

  1-UNSATISFIED 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10-SATISFIED
On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being completely UNSATISFIED and 10 being completely SATISFIED please rate your overall satisfaction.