To apply for the participation at the ILO Executive Evaluation Course (2-6 July 2017, Amman, Jordan) please complete this registration form. Please note that registration does not guarantee participation. Only registered and approved applicants will be formally invited to attend. Places being limited, the organizers will give priority to applicants coming from the target audience of the course.

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* 14. Please explain briefly the work your organization conducts in the fields of youth employment and active labour market programmes.

* 15. What is your motivation for participating in the training “Evaluating Labour Market Programmes: An Executive Course”? Please describe your reasons in 200 words or less.

* 16. To what extent are you or have you been involved in monitoring and evaluation in a development context? Please describe your role and main tasks & responsibilities (i.e. process/performance evaluation, indicator development, development of theory of change, data collection, reporting,…). Please also indicate whether you gained this experience at your current organization or at a previous employer/during studies.

* 17. Please indicate who will assume responsibility for your transportation, lodging, and visa costs. (Note: Participation in the course is free of charge)

* 18. We have a limited number of scholarships available for participants who are unable to cover their own transportation, lodging, and visa costs. These scholarships will be distributed on a case-by-case basis.
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Now we will ask you to provide information about an active labour market programme or project you are currently working on. During the course, you would have the opportunity to work on improving result measurement tools and/or plan an (impact) evaluation. Please note that while these questions are optional, we strongly encourage participants to identify one concrete project that could serve as a “live case study” during the course.

* 20. Please provide a brief summary of a project or programme for which you would like to develop a result measurement system and/or an evaluation during the course. Include information on objectives, services delivered and partner institutions of the project

* 21. Please indicate the main focus of this project or programme. (Multiple answers are possible.)

* 22. Briefly describe the monitoring and evaluation system in place for this project or programme (if any). Elaborate what type of results measurement system and/or which type of evaluation you plan.

* 23. If you have any comments or questions about the course, please let us know: