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“Although every ministry in a parish is an evangelizing ministry, Catholic schools have a unique opportunity and a grave responsibility to evangelize. One of the reasons for the Church’s influence on the Christian formation of Americans is her vast presence in the field of education … the large number of Catholic schools makes possible a wide-ranging evangelizing effort, as long as there is a clear will to impart a truly Christian education.” (Ecclesia in America, Pope John Paul II, #18)


Standard:  All school personnel are actively engaged in bringing the Good News of Jesus into the total educational experience.

* 1.

__  The principal builds a faith community that is welcoming, prayerful and makes a clear statement that this is a Catholic faith setting.

* 2.

__  Prayer permeates the school. It is not limited to morning announcements.

* 3.

__  Teachers bring Gospel values into their ordinary teaching experiences.

* 4. __        The school provides ongoing opportunities for faith formation for students, parents and staff

* 5.

__  Teachers realize that their first responsibility is to be attentive to their own relationship with Jesus Christ.

* 6.

__  In every religion class, the teacher attempts to connect faith with life.

* 7.

__  The teacher attempts to relate the moral, ethical or spiritual ramifications to each area of study.

* 8.

__  The school reaches out to parents to engage them in the religious formation of their children in every grade – not just sacramental preparation grades.

* 9.

__  Members of the school community (students, parents) reach out to the newly baptized through cards and gifts of welcome.

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