1. Companion Clinical Staffing Report

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In early February 2017, CHAMPS released two electronic companion reports to the 2016 Region VIII Health Center Salary, Benefits, Turnover, and Vacancy Report.  Your thoughts and opinions about both companion reports will help us review their effectiveness and identify possible enhancements to the publications in future years.

First, the 2016 Region VIII Health Center Clinical Staffing Report utilized FTE information submitted in the salary survey to analyze Medical Provider, Behavioral Health Provider, Dental Provider, Medical Support, and Dental Support staffing; CHAMPS intends this information to be utilized in tandem with other available data to inform larger discussions about productivity, staffing ratios, adjustments to care teams, etc.

* 1. Please rate your overall satisfaction with the Clinical Staffing Report on a scale of 1-10 (1 being the worst possible rating and 10 being the best possible rating).

  1 (worst possible) 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 (best possible) I have not used this report

* 2. Please rate your satisfaction with the following data presented in the report:

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Medical Provider and Support FTEs
Behavioral Health Provider FTEs
Dental Provider and Support FTEs
Comparisons of Medical, Behavioral, and Dental FTE Information

* 3. The Clinical Staffing Report provides practical information I will use while working:

* 4. Do you have any comments to share about the Clinical Staffing Report? (E.g., suggestions for improvements, most/least useful information, etc.)