Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey! Your responses will assist us in making changes and improvements to the Acute Stroke Unit Orientation Resource. There are 14 questions, the majority of which are multiple choice, and some short answer.

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* 5. Years of experience in stroke care.

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* 10. For the modules that you indicated as helpful, why were these modules helpful? Please explain.

* 11. For each module you completed please rate the module for content quality using the rating scale. Feel free to provide any additional comments or ideas on how the module could be improved.

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Module 1: Pathophysiology of Stroke, Neuroanatomy and Stroke Syndromes
Module 2: Acute Stroke Management
Module 3: Pre-Hospital and Emergency Management
Module 4: Diagnostics and Assessments
Module 5: NIHSS Training or CNS Training
Module 6: Swallowing, Feeding and Oral Care
Module 7: Mobility, Positioning & Transfers
Module 8: Secondary Stroke Prevention
Module 9: Cognition, Perception, and Behaviour
Module 10: Stroke and Depression
Module 11: Intimacy Post-Stroke
Supplemental Modules(Dysphagia Screening; Monitoring∕Telemetry; Pharmacology; Hospital –Specific Chart Forms; Other Resources)

* 12. Please provide 2 examples of how your practice with stroke patients will change or has changed as a result of the knowledge gained from the Acute Stroke Unit Orientation Resource.

* 13. How much time did you require to complete one module? Please specify:

* 14. Additional Comments

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