Please pick 8 out of the 44 items below.

At the CRA Planning Meeting held on June 27, 2017, attendees identified 44 strategies and projects related to the 12 goals established in the 2016 CRA Redevelopment Plan.  Each attendee was then asked to pick the 8 strategies/projects that were most important to them.  We are now offering everyone the same opportunity through this survey.  Please pick 8 strategies/projects (out of the 44 listed below) that are most important to you.  You can also introduce new strategies/projects in the comments section of each goal.
Thank you for participating.

* 1. Goal - Leverage City and CRA resources to support private investment and redevelopment efforts on identified catalyst sites and other sites where redevelopment is feasible. As the redevelopment process is complex and each site is unique, support from the City and CRA can take many forms. Support may include, but is not limited to, regulatory/entitlement assistance, utility/infrastructure assistance, marketing assistance, use of financing tools to complement private investment, land assembly, and unique assistance to fit project needs. These items help form a flexible developer’s toolkit to support and encourage private investment. Examples of types of assistance and budget projections are outlined in the Fiscal Policies section of the plan update.

* 2. Goal - Enhance the City’s special event efforts through support for both operational and infrastructure needs. New and upgraded event infrastructure will allow for a wider variety of possible events, attracting more people to the area. The City should work to both coordinate existing events and create an environment to support the creation of both public and private events throughout the area.

* 3. Goal - Continue to upgrade, enhance, and unify the waterfront and integrate it into the downtown. The Lake Eustis lakefront should be developed to make it more accessible to the public and to encourage access to the City's business district, park and recreation areas, and community facilities from the lake itself. The City can work to support and expand arts and cultural opportunities on the lakefront.

* 4. Goal - Aesthetically enhance the downtown (both public and private property), provide a festive area fueled by a mixture of activities, and to encourage development complementary to existing uses.

* 5. Goal - Continue efforts to further define an East Eustis neighborhood business district that is suitable for the residential area and provides it with a sense of place.

* 6. Goal - Continue to support neighborhood commercial mixed-use opportunities in the eastern portion of the CRA, specifically at Palmetto Street and McDonald Avenue. Also, promote mixed-income residential opportunities in the area.

* 7. Goal - Continue to establish linkages between the downtown, a defined East Eustis neighborhood business district, and areas in between.

* 8. Goal - Continue to develop new park/open space facilities as well as improve existing facilities in East Eustis. Continue to explore opportunities for an independent community center in the area.

* 9. Goal - Support esthetic improvements to private property throughout the CRA with architectural design guidelines, property enhancement grants, and other tools to support high-quality development.

* 10. Goal - Continue to enhance streetscapes throughout the CRA, including plantings, sidewalks, street furniture, wayfinding signage, lighting, utility infrastructure, multimodal transportation enhancements, and other improvements.

* 11. Goal - Support a positive police presence in the area through community watch programs, public safety programs, and community outreach.

* 12. Goal - Continue to consider traffic calming to reduce speeding in neighborhoods.