AdMonsters European Video Advertising Survey


Is digital video an extension of TV or of Display?

Will digital video be bought/sold through programmatic trading?

Will the growth of digital video in Europe mirror that of the US?

AdMonsters wants to find out the answers to these questions about digital video and more in this survey of the European digital advertising landscape. Your responses to this questionnaire will provide valuable benchmarking information for buyers and sellers of digital video. AdMonsters will share a summary of the results with those who complete this survey.

Fill out the survey and be eligible to win an iPad Mini!

This survey should take only about 10-15 minutes to complete. An data collected will only be presented or shared in summary format and not be individual respondent. Personally identifiable information will only be asked for those who are participating in the drawing.

* 2. What company do you work for?

* 3. Are you involved in the buying or selling of digital video in Europe?

* 4. Is your company primarily a:

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