1. Instructions

Your local library wants to know what you think about the services it provides. We are interested in your views and beliefs in a variety of areas. You will find statements about how you see things related to the library. We also need to know some things about you and you will find questions designed to help us understand you better. Finally, we want to know what you believe are important priorities for the future in the series of questions found at the end of the survey.

In each case, YOUR impressions, feelings, and opinions are important for library planning. In some cases, you may feel that your opinions are not well informed. Please go ahead and give your impression as it is now, even though you realize it could change by talking with others. Use the “Don’t Know” response only in those rare cases where you have no impression at all.

Question Title

* Do you have a library card or have you used the library in the last year?

17% of survey complete.