Background Information

Thank you for completing this survey. The occupational therapy program of Elizabethtown College is committed to providing high-level academic preparation for entry-level occupational therapy practice. The information you share with us will be used as part of our ongoing program evaluation and improvement process.

The following items are intended to provide us with your perspectives related to a specific graduate, in this case, the therapist who gave you this link. Your responses will be combined with those of others to create an employer perspective of the Elizabethtown College occupational therapy program’s ability to prepare students for entry-level practice. There is space at the end of the survey to add any additional comments.

* 1. In what year did this therapist graduate with a Master’s of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Elizabethtown College?

* 2. What is your job title?

* 3. Which of the following best describes your relationship to this therapist?

* 4. The following list of settings is taken from AOTA's Workforce Survey. Which description best represents the setting in which you work?