This survey for the Ethel Everhard Memorial Library of Westfield has three goals:
• Determine what our community currently values in our library.
• Assess space needs for remodeling and a possible addition.
• Identify new or different ways to better serve our community.

* 1. How often do you visit the library?

* 2. If you visit the library less than one time per year, what is the reason?

* 3. When do you usually visit? (You may check more than one)

* 4. Would you use the library more if hours were extended on one or two evenings?

* 5. Do you have children in your household?

* 6. What is your age?

* 7. Rate the following current services for the need to improve them.

  I am satisfied with this service Minor improvements Significant improvements Major improvements
Computers(including less congestion, more privacy)
Wireless Internet
Improved browsing and locating system to more easily locate materials of interest
Reference service including: government forms, finding and reserving needed books, web information, assisting people with technology, reader’s advisory, resources for employment seekers, resources for historical/genealogical needs, etc.
Book Discussions
Preschool Storytime
READ Dog program to encourage beginning readers and introduce them to the library.
Summer Library Programs for children
Large program/meeting room
Computer classes

* 8. Rate each the following changes or additions

  I am satisfied with this service Minor improvements Significant improvements Major improvements
Overall size of library
Better definition of zones such as quiet reading/study space, children’s area, a social area for meeting
Bookstore style display for ease of browsing and locating materials of interest
Tutoring/conference rooms
More comfortable seating with places to plug in laptops
More table seating
Update bathrooms
More computer stations
More library laptops for use anywhere in the library
Brighter, more welcoming entryway area
A place to have beverages while reading, studying, or meeting.
Hobby/craft programs or groups
An area for teens away from children and adult areas
Other cultural/educational programs: history, the arts, more tech topics

* 9. What other new services or programs could the library provide?

* 10. How would you choose to improve the library website or what do you like about it now?

* 11. What media formats do you use? (You may check more than one)

* 12. Where and how would you like to see the collection improved? (More? Different authors?) Write additional comments in space provided below.

* 13. How do you learn about library events/services?

* 14. If the library were to launch a fundraising campaign to help pay for a renovation/expansion project, how likely would you be to donate? (We are not asking for donations with this survey.)