Church Feasibility Survey

Dear Church of the Eternal Hills Congregation,

We are a growing congregation! In order to meet the space needs of the congregation, the community at large, and the Eternal Hills Christian Preschool, the Building Committee is in the midst of planning renovations and upgrades to the lower level as well as the East and West Wings (lower level). To fund the construction through a capital campaign, we’ve engaged Church Development (CD) of Kansas City to begin this process by conducting a church-wide Feasibility Study to determine the readiness of our congregation for a three-year Capital Campaign. CD has assisted over 100 churches with their campaigns and are recommended by our Presbytery.

We need your input. Please participate in this important Feasibility Study by reading the following Case Statement and completing this online survey. I encourage all members and friends of the church to complete the survey. The Feasibility Study will engage every member of the church through a personal interview, paper survey or online survey.

Thank you.

In Christ,

Rev. Paula Daniel Steinbacher, Pastor