Take Action to Revitalize Efforts to End HIV

The ACT NOW: END AIDS (ANEA) coalition urges that immediate steps be taken to revitalize efforts to end HIV as an epidemic in all communities following a year of significant upheaval. The signs of profound service disruptions to HIV treatment, testing, and prevention in the U.S are clearly present. For people living with HIV, any disruption in treatment means that the clock is ticking to get back into care services to avoid complications. Further, it is still uncertain if/when/for how long sexual and/or drug-using behaviors declined, stayed the same, or increased due to COVID-19, and if any of this offset or exacerbated interruptions to HIV services. However, as society opens back up we can state certainly that further delays to resuming comprehensive services will derail efforts to End the HIV Epidemic for years or even decades.

Sign on to this letter to call for the Biden-Harris administration to take the following concrete steps to revitalize the fight to end HIV/AIDS NOW:
1. Move swiftly to fully empower the new Office of National AIDS Policy (ONAP) Director
2. Establish two new pillars as part of the EHE initiative: Community Partnership and Structural Interventions
3. Commit to an EHE funding strategy that realistically meets short- and long-term needs.
4. Develop ambitious interim targets
5. Quickly nominate new leadership for the Office of the Global AIDS Coordinator (OGAC)

Read the full letter here

We plan to deliver this letter to the White House Domestic Public Policy Council in honor of the 40th anniversary of the first HIV case.

The deadline to sign on is Friday, June 11th.

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