Thank you for taking this important survey.

Erie County government is looking for your feedback on how it can improve its health and human services programs. This input will be included in the Initiatives for a Stronger Community 2.0 plan. This plan is a successor to the original Initiatives for a Stronger Community Plan, released in 2015. 

This plan will have three sections, "Supporting our Seniors,""Giving Every Child a Chance", and "Empowering Working Families". Each section will have several goals County officials are working to reach. 

This survey has several sections, although most participants will not answer every section. We will only ask questions that are appropriate for you. You will have an opportunity at the end to provide feedback regarding any matter related to County government. You will also have the option to include personal information at the end so we can send you a copy of the plan when complete. 

In addition, if you complete the survey before February 20, 2019, you will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 gift certificate.

All information submitted is confidential.