Please complete all the questions. Please note that this questionnaire is confidential. All responses will be collated and will help to inform Equity's work in the field of role play.

* 1. How many years have you role-played for?

* 2. How many role-play days are you employed to do in an average month?

* 3. Do you work for one or several companies?

* 4. Which sectors have you role-played in?

* 5. Which of these role-play companies have you worked for?

* 6. What is the largest sum you have been paid for a day's role-play work (during the last 12 months)?

* 8. What is the least you have been paid for one day's role-play work (during the last 12 months)?

* 10. In general, do you receive travel or overnight expenses when you work in role-play?

* 11. In general, are your meals paid for or provided when you are working in role-play?

* 12. In general, do you get adequate breaks during the day when you are working in role-play?

* 13. What is the longest time (in weeks) that you have had to wait to receive payment for a job in role-play?

* 14. What is the average time (in weeks) you wait to receive payment for a job in role-play?

* 15. In general, do you find that you get enough time to prepare for assignments in role-play (including research, reading briefs and receiving materials)?

* 16. Do you get paid for your preparation/rehearsal time?

* 17. Have you ever received a cancellation fee when a client or role-play company cancels your assignment?

* 18. Do you believe that the role-play sector could be improved by the adoption of standardised guidelines?

* 19. What do you think is the most important area for improvement in role-play work?

* 20. Have you had to be physically examined during the roleplay (to include dental examinations as well)?

* 21. If you have undergone a physical examination during the roleplay, have you been given prior warning?

* 22. In general do you receive sufficient training from clients/role play providers before undertaking your role?

* 23. Do you have any other comments about your work in the role-play sector?

* 24. Would you like to receive further contact from Equity regarding your work in role-play?

* 25. Are you an Equity member?