Thank you for taking the time to reflect on equity, diversity, and inclusion in your Saturday Academy class, camp or workshop. Please visit our Focus on Equity page for instructors before sharing your thoughts below. 
The purpose of this activity is for your professional and personal growth as a Saturday Academy instructor. Reflections will be viewed by SA Classes Team Members only for the purpose of providing additional support as requested or needed; they will not be shared. Your reflections and feedback will also help us shape future professional development offerings with an eye toward enhancing equity within and through our programs.

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* 1. Name & Email Address

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* 2. Having read, watched, and considered the resources on our Focus on Equity page, please reflect below on what you can start doing, continue doing, and/or stop doing to intentionally create an inclusive learning environment for all students.

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* 3. If you have readings, videos, or other resources you would like to share with fellow instructors on the topic of equity, diversity and inclusion, please feel free to share them below.

Thank you for sharing your expertise and enthusiasm with your Saturday Academy students! 

- The Saturday Academy Team