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The City's Comprehensive Plan is a policy document that guides development and investment in the City. All Capital Improvements Program (CIP) projects and new commercial land development projects are evaluated for consistency with the Comprehensive Plan. The chapter of the Comprehensive Plan addressing Natural Resources and Environment (Chapter 5) is currently being updated. The update incorporates public input with current policies and best practices to develop a guide to implementing the environmental goals of the community. The draft Natural Resources and Environment chapter can be found on the City's website.

Increasing population and significant land redevelopment are driving vibrant growth in the City. Demographic projections indicate that the City’s population will grow by 42 percent by 2040. Redevelopment affects an average of almost eight acres of commercial and residential property each year, and more than 180 acres of commercial property and 2000 homes may be candidates for future redevelopment. Changes in demographics and land use are taking place at a time when the climate is also changing. Climate models for the Metropolitan Washington region predict gradually increasing average temperatures, greater temperature extremes, increased precipitation, and more frequent and severe storm events. The review of this Natural Resources and Environment chapter of the comprehensive plan is an opportunity to consider how development and investment in the City could respond to the City’s changing environment.