The City of Enumclaw is updating its sign code in response to recent court case rulings. Many of the ways we and most other cities have regulated signs need to change. We'd like your help in telling us what is important to you and your business, institution or place of worship so we can craft a new code that is legally compliant while meeting the needs of our business community. 

* 1. Where is your business, institution or place of worship located?

* 2. Please check all that apply to you:

* 3. What type of business or entity are you?

* 4. Where in the building is the business located?

* 5. How is the business/institution accessed?

* 6. Which zoning district applies to you?

* 7. How important do you think signage is to the success of your business?

* 8. What signs are most important to your business? Please rank in order of importance:

Example Signs

Example Signs

* 9. Do you feel like your existing signs meet your needs based on the location of your business?

* 10. What is the most important factor for your signage?

* 11. What changes to Enumclaw's signage would be most beneficial/detrimental to your business? (Check all that apply.)

  Most Beneficial Somewhat Beneficial Neither Beneficial nor Detrimental Somewhat Detrimental Most Detrimental
More signs per business
Fewer signs per business
Eliminating A-boards and other temporary signs
Allowing more A-boards and other temporary signs
Limiting the number of signs per building
Limiting the amount of text per sign
Limiting the size and height of new signs
Allowing more electronic signs
Prohibiting electronic signs
Allowing electronic signs with controls on size, location and display

* 12. Do you have any other comments you'd like to share?

Enumclaw Zoning Map

Enumclaw Zoning Map