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Thank you for taking time to complete this questionnaire. The responses and results of this questionnaire are confidential. Please answer the questions as honestly as possible. The survey should take 25 minutes to complete. Survey Monkey does make it possible to leave the survey and come back to complete it at a later time. If you have had a significant other in the past who might be interested in taking the survey as well, we encourage you to forward the link.

This survey does probe into some potentially sensitive topics and it is important you feel comfortable that your responses will not be directly linked to you.

Also, be sure to determine your family code name prior to beginning. (A nomenclature is provided). If you intend to forward the link on to an ex, please follow the nomenclature provided for couples, of not, just use your individual information.

Some of the questions pertain to an ex that was important in your life. If you do not have a past significant other, please either skip the question or select, Neither Agree nor Disagree.

Upon completion of this survey, you may be eligible to receive a copy of your summary results compared to our general population once we have received enough data to complete our analysis. If both you and your ex complete the survey, you will also be entered into a $1000 drawing.

Once again, thank you again for your time and commitment to this topic.

***The contents of this survey are confidential © and are not to be printed or shared with anyone outside of the respondents. By proceeding with this questionnaire, you agree to be bound by these terms. ***