Worker Center Member Survey

Hello! This survey asks you questions about your experience as a worker. It’s designed to give us feedback so that we can improve programming provided to you. We value your honest responses. Please note that your responses will be confidential and only shared in aggregate with Community Labor United and the Worker Center, and our outside evaluator on this project. This survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about the survey, please email Mindy Fried at We truly appreciate your support in filling out the survey. 


Isabel Gonzalez and Darlene Lombos

Community Labor United

* 1. Internal Survey ID

* 2. What type of work do you do? Please check all that apply.

* 3. How many paid jobs do you have?

* 4. Typically, how many total hours do you work per week?

* 6. Who do you work for? Please check ALL that apply.

* 7. What's it like for you at work? For each statement, please check whether you strongly disagree, disagree, neither agree or disagree, agree or strongly agree. Or you can check "not applicable" if this statement doesn't apply to you.

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree or disagree Agree Strongly agree Not applicable
My employer pays me a fair wage.
I am able to take a lunch break at work every day.
I am able to take other breaks, other than my lunch break, every day at work.
My employer pays me on time.
My employer pays me what she or he owes me.
My employer pays me in cash.
I signed a "waiver of employee abuse rights" before starting my job.
My supervisor is supportive.
I am not worried about losing my job.
My family's income is enough to pay the bills with money leftover for emergencies.

* 8. Do any of the following things worry you at work? (Please check ALL that apply.)

* 9. Does your employer treat you respectfully? (Please check ONE.)

* 10. Who do you talk to if there are problems at work? (Please check ALL that apply.)

* 11. If you tell your supervisor about problems at work, what is their reaction? ( Please check the appropriate answer.)

* 12. If you do NOT tell your supervisor about problems at work, why not?

* 13. Are you a member of the Worker Center?  If you answer NO to this question, please skip questions 13 and 14, and begin answering again at question 15.

* 14. If you answered YES to Q12:  How long have you been a member? (Please SKIP if you answered NO.)

* 15. If you answered YES to Q12:  Why do you go to meetings? (Please check ALL that apply.) Please SKIP if you answered NO.

* 16. Do you know about the WAGE THEFT CAMPAIGN?

* 17. If you answered YES to Q15:  Do you think that your employer is responsible for (guilty of) wage theft?

* 18. Does your Worker Center provide information about wage theft?

* 19. If you answered YES to Q17, meaning that your Worker Center provides information about wage theft, what are ways that you got involved? (Please check ALL that apply.)

* 20. Do you participate in any of the following activities related to the wage theft issue? (Please check ALL that apply.)

* 21. If you have had problems with wage theft, have you been able to share your story with others at any of the following venues?  (Please check ALL that apply.)

* 22. What do you think about the Wage Theft Campaign?

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree or disagree Agree Strongly agree Not applicable
I am hopeful that the Wage Theft Campaign will make important changes that affect workers.
The Wage Theft Campaign is being organized well.
The Wage Theft Campaign makes me feel more connected to other workers.

* 23. Do you have anything else you'd like to share about your experience working on the Wage Theft Campaign?

* 24. With which gender do you identify? (Please select one or more that most apply.)

* 25. With which of the following categories do you identify? (Please select all that apply.)

* 26. Which Worker Center do you belong to?

* 27. Question (Optional): What is the name of your employer (or employers)?