Danbury Public Schools
School Culture

The purpose of this survey is to explore your thoughts and feelings about the culture of the school which your child or student under your custody attends. Your views and perceptions related to your experiences as a parent, family member, or legal guardian of a student(s) attending the schools will help the school district better understand the concerns and improve the education for children in the Danbury community. Your responses are strictly confidential. Thank you for your assistance.

* 1. The school has high expectations for my child.

* 2. The school encourages my child to do his or her best.

* 3. The school provides parents with adequate information about academic programs in a language that I can understand.

* 4. The school communicates with parents of diverse backgrounds about programs, events, or concerns in a language I can understand.

* 5. There is someone at the school (teacher, principal, counselor, etc.) that I can talk to about my child’s academic and social progress.

* 6. The school listens to and communicates well with parents from diverse backgrounds.

* 7. Parents and families of diverse backgrounds are involved in our school.

* 8. The school makes an extra effort to reach diverse families who may have difficulty being involved.

* 9. The school staff is generally friendly, helpful, and show care for the students.

* 10. As a parent or family member, I feel like I am respected and connected in the school community.

* 11. The school respects and responds to its community’s cultural, racial, and language differences.

* 12. This is a school where people in various roles trust one another and get along.

* 13. The school informs parents about the school and discipline policies or procedures in a language that I can understand.

* 14. The school is clear and fair when disciplining my child.

* 15. Some students in this school are treated unfairly because of their racial, socioeconomic, and/or cultural background.

* 16. The school provides opportunities for parents and teachers to develop partnerships in the best interest of their children.

* 17. School leaders, teachers, families, and community partners demonstrate trusting relationships.

* 18. Diverse parents have the opportunity and support to get to know each other and work together.

* 19. What is the age of your child(ren)?

* 20. What is your relationship to your child(ren)?

* 21. What language do you speak at home?

* 22. How do you self-identify in terms of racial/ethnic background?

* 23. Country of origin:

* 24. How long have you lived in the United States?

* 25. How long have you lived in Danbury?

* 26. Why did you move to Danbury?