The District Budget

The District is currently confronting a structural operating deficit. This structural budget deficit is primarily caused by two factors:
  1. Declining enrollment, caused by declining birth rates in Marin County
  2. State imposed rising contribution rates for state pensions (STRS/PERS)
Beginning in 2014-2015, a trend of declining enrollment began in the District caused by the reduced birth rates in Marin County, beginning in 2009-2010. Enrollment has been decreasing at a rate of approximately 1% a year since 2014-15. Based on the District’s 2018 enrollment projections, this trend of declining enrollment projects to continue for at least the next five years.

Starting with the adopted 2014-2015 State budget, State imposed rate increases were implemented to the District’s pension contributions (CalSTRS and CalPERS) by both employees and employer. State imposed rate increases for CalSTRS continues until 2020-2021, when the rate will be 19.1% (10.85% higher than in 2013-2014). CalSTRS has a much larger impact on school district budgets than CalPERS. At this time, all increases are funded from the LCFF base grant and the increases to CalSTRS and CalPERS are approximately $1 million a year, totaling a $6 million increase annually by 2020-2021 (when the CalSTRS rate increase is fully implemented.)

For budget information, you can also watch this 5 minute video from Superintendent Jim Hogeboom: