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I pledge to intentionally build connections with neighbors, apply my leadership skills in my neighborhood, and grow my social capital through neighborhood relationships. I will become an engaged neighbor by pursuing these “Engaged Neighbor” principles.
Connect With Neighbors
1. I will learn and use my neighbor's names.
2. I will discard a lifestyle of busyness in favor of being present and available.
3. I will share honestly about myself and family, our hurts and successes, with neighbors.
4. I will learn the gifts and talents of my neighbors and the assets in my neighborhood.
Develop Trust
1. I will listen first and talk second when visiting with my neighbors.
2. I will remember local neighbor etiquette to help create a culture of trust.
3. I will allow love, kindness, and mutual respect to motivate my actions.
4. I will pursue reconciliation, offer forgiveness, and give my neighbors the benefit of the doubt when conflicts arise.
Serve Neighbors
1. I will do more front yard living to be available for conversations and service.
2. I will express gratitude for my neighbors by performing spontaneous kind deeds.
3. I will include neighbors in my life who are overlooked, marginalized, disabled, widowed or lonely.
4. I will practice hospitality toward and eat with my neighbors.
Grow In Knowledge & Skills
1. I will celebrate neighboring holidays to build positive relationships.
2. I will be a continual learner about neighboring and asset-based community development.
3. I will not turn my neighbor into a “project” or gossip about my neighbors.
4. I will invite neighbors into my daily routine with a plus-one approach to neighboring.
Find Mutual Benefit
1. I will focus my energy on what is strong, not what is wrong in my neighborhood.
2. I will invest my time and talent in a homeowners or neighborhood association.
3. I will help to set neighborhood priorities and pursue the common good where I live.
4. I will not be afraid to celebrate what it means to be an engaged neighbor.

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