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I pledge to work toward becoming an engaged neighbor. I will intentionally build connections with neighbors, help defeat loneliness in my neighborhood, develop my leadership skills with activity in my neighborhood, grow my own social capital through neighborhood relationships, and do my part to make my neighborhood clean, safe and friendly.
I pledge to pursue these “Engaged Neighbor” principles.
1.     Greet my neighbors by name and get them together for food and fun.
2.     Lend a strong back or a listening ear when needed
3.     Be available for front-yard conversations and opportunities to help.
4.     Discard a mentality of busyness or individualistic gain in favor of a mentality of presence and mutual gain in the place where I live.
5.     Use neighbor etiquette: be quiet, respect their time, and watch their property.
6.     Invest my time and talent in my neighborhood through a homeowners or neighborhood association.
7.     Commit to learning the gifts and talents of my neighbors and the assets in my neighborhood.
8.     Participate in Missouri Good Neighbor Week (Sept 28. – Oct. 4) to build connections with my neighbors and spread the word about the benefits of being an engaged neighbor.
9.     Be motivated by love, kindness, and mutual respect for my neighbor.
10.   Pursue reconciliation, offer forgiveness, and give my neighbors the benefit of the doubt when conflicts arise.
11.   Be a continual learner about the value of neighboring by reading or listening to related books and enrolling in MU Extension's Neighboring 101 class.
12.   Seek ways to connect with and include individuals who are overlooked, marginalized, disabled, widowed or lonely in my neighborhood.
13.   In my neighborhood, I will focus on what is strong, not what is wrong.

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* 1. Help us reach our goal of 10,000 signers of this pledge by completing this contact information for follow-up and communication. We will add you to the emailed Engaged Neighbor newsletter produced monthly by University of Missouri Extension.

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* 2. Are there any additional thoughts or comments you would like to share related to University of Missouri Extension's Engaged Neighbor Program?

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