Why a "pulse" survey?

Thank you for accessing the first Engage-Maplewood Pulse Survey which measures our "pulse"—our community's perspective on meaningful and timely topics. Surveys are a great way for groups of people to collectively share their voices.

The overall results of this pulse survey will be shared with you, our community, the Township Committee, and all interested organizations within Maplewood.

Individual feedback will be kept anonymous.

(This survey includes a total of 14 questions.)

Why Engage-Maplewood?
Engage-Maplewood formed from a discussion among Maplewood residents and merchants in May 2013. There was a sense from the discussion that citizens share feelings of pride and gratefulness for the opportunity to live here yet also feel that building a common sense of cause in many civic matters often escapes us as a community.

Engage-Maplewood's goal is to improve the vibrancy and effectiveness of dialogue. Good information is critical and it's the first step. So we are asking how you get information and if you have ideas to improve the process.

We have put our efforts so far into facilitating public involvement in the Village Post Office Redevelopment and at the end of this survey there are questions about that.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to contribute to understanding the pulse of our great community.

Please consider sharing this survey with friends, family, and neighbors. Have a great day!

* 1. Please share any information you'd like so that we can keep you informed more easily and effectively. All entries are optional.

* 2. To better understand your perspective please check any of the following that apply to you.

* 3. Please rank your three MOST OFTEN USED methods of accessing information about local "government" information?
(Please give 3, unless you'd like to rank all 10.)

* 4. The methods I selected above provide me the information I need or want in a timely and easy-to-access manner?

* 5. Please rank your three MOST OFTEN USED methods of accessing information related to local, "non-government" information? (entertainment, schools, shopping, bulletin board, current events, news, etc.)
(Please give 3, unless you'd like to rank all 10.)

* 6. The methods I selected above provide me the information I need and want in a timely and easy-to-access manner?

* 7. Engage-Maplewood has focused its initial activities on public involvement in the Maplewood Village Post Office Redevelopment. The remaining questions are related to the project.

I am aware that plans are in place for the Maplewood Village Post Office facility to close in November, the Township-owned property (the Post Office and adjacent parking lots) to be sold, the existing building to be demolished, and for a new building to be constructed on that site.

* 8. The Township Committee has stated that the choice of developer and proposed design of the Post Office location will be made by them, without public input.

What is your view of this decision?

* 9. Each prospective developer of the Post Office Redevelopment tract is free to propose their own unique project. Each will vary in size, appearance, amount of parking, amount of public space, size of stores, numbers of apartments, etc.

Do you feel some or all of these alternatives should be available for public review and insight?

* 10. The current schedule for the closing of the Maplewood Village Post Office on December 1, 2013 implies a disruption of retail service, possibly lasting for months.

It is important that any disruption be avoided.

* 11. The US Postal Service should maintain a permanent retail presence in Maplewood Village following redevelopment.

* 12. Up to this point, Engage-Maplewood has focused on development issues.
Are there other Township-related topics you would suggest we discuss or focus on?

* 13. Finally, what questions do you have?
We are committed to working with you to find and share
the answers on the Engage-Maplewood website.

* 14. A review and interactive, lively discussion of the results of this initial Pulse Survey is scheduled for Monday evening, September 16th, the location to be announced. Do you plan on attending?