Thank you for providing your assessment of the key technical issues pertaining to the application of glass in energy and information technologies. Altogether 101 elements of varying importance to glass applications are identified in 12 roadmap diagrams.
At the end, after you have evaluated and provided your assessment of the various R&D issues, you will have three ‘overall’ questions for assessing the relative importance of: (a) the 101 roadmap elements, (b) 10 technologies, and (c) 14 properties/processing topics, in relation to the broader perspective of energy and information. Please choose and rank 3 to 8 most important choices for each of these questions.

In short, we are requesting you to:
1. Provide information about yourself (optional), so that we may contact you for further information/clarification, if needed. The overall assessment and opinion of individuals will remain anonymous.
2. Identify specific roadmaps (I through XII) that relate to your expertise and interests. Next, go through different Parts of a given roadmap, one Part at a time.
3. Consider all the topics in a given Part in relation to their importance to the area of the given roadmap as well as overarching application of glass. Rank each topic in order of decreasing importance i.e. ‘1’ being the most crucial topic, etc.
4. In the ‘Comments’ box, please add any topic(s) that you see missing from the list. Also feel free to give your opinion regarding the timeline assigned to various topics.
5. Finally, we would rather have your assessment based on partial information or educated guess than no input at all.

Please note: You can go back and resume / edit your survey at anytime until you have completed and submitted your responses. To save your responses please click [Next] button or [Done] button at end of page or survey.