Contact Info & Interests

* 1. First Name:

* 2. Last Name:

* 3. Physical Address of Possible Renewable Energy Project:

* 4. Mailing Address (if different from Physical Address)

* 5. Best phone number(s) you can be reached at:

* 6. E-mail Address:

* 7. How did you hear about Co-op Power?

* 8. What are your energy goals?

  Very important Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Spend less money on my energy bills
Stop wasting energy - identify inefficient appliances, air seal and insulate my house
Make my home safer - ensure combustion appliances are working properly, check indoor air quality
Make my home more comfortable - air seal and insulate my house, stop air leaks and drafts, install thermal window inserts
Be self-sufficient - make the energy I need
Reduce my dependence on fossil fuels - find alternatives to oil, propane, and natural gas
Keep my home warm, cook, and have lights and my fridge on during a power outage 
Support my local economy - support local businesses and local jobs
Ensure everyone in my community has access to clean energy

* 9. What kind of renewable energy system(s) you are interested in:

  Already installed Would consider installing I'd like more info
Solar Electric (PV)
Solar Hot Water for my home's hot water
Solar Hot Water radiant heating
Community-Owned Shared Solar 
MiniSplit/Heat Pump -- High Efficiency Electric Air Heat and Cooling
Solar Hot Air
Heat Pump Water Heater (Electric)
On Demand Water Heater (Electric or Propane) 
Wood or Pellet Heat
Battery Storage