The All Ireland Standards for Community Work were published in 2016 by the AIEB with the aim of providing a reference point and guide in relation to community work analysis and practice for key stakeholders that seek to support community work for the promotion of social inclusion, social justice and equality, and as an intervention for social change. They Set out values, knowledge, skills and qualities that underpin: community work practice; education and training for that practice; community work policy at national and local levels; design and implementation of relevant programmes with associated funding. 

The Standards define community work as a developmental activity comprised of both a task and a process. The task is social change to achieve equality, social justice and human rights, and the process is the application of principles of participation, empowerment and collective decision making in a structured and co-ordinated way” and notes that it is recognised as such in Ireland, Europe and Globally.

The Standards identify the core values of community work as:

Community Empowerment;
Social Justice and Sustainable Development;
Human Rights, Equality and Anti-discrimination.

By adopting the standards your organisation is making a commitment to uphold and put into practice the community work values enshrined in the Standards and to ensuring that staff have and those involved in the organisation have or are given the opportunity to develop the knowledge, skills and qualities required to effective and meaningful community work.

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