Elko Business Broadband Survey

Note:  The results of this survey will be confidential.  Comments will not be attributed to any specific respondent.  The purpose of the survey is to gather business opinion on the importance of broadband/Internet service and to help the Elko County prioritize its efforts to attract faster broadband service to all areas of the county.  Business addresses will be used only to plot the location of respondents.

* 1. How many employees are at this service site?

* 2. What form of business?

* 3. Who is your current Internet provider?

* 4. Do you have a secondary connection?

* 5. If you have a secondary connection, who is the provider?

* 6. How satisfied are you with your current Internet provider?

* 7. If very dissatisfied or somewhat dissatisfied, please check the reasons for your rating (Check all that apply).

* 8. Are you interested in options to upgrade from your current Internet speed?

* 9. In what options for upgraded speeds would you be interested?

* 10. How many devices in your business are online?

* 11. How frequently do you experience buffering/delays/interruptions while conducting work?

* 12. Would you move more services to the cloud if you had more reliable Internet access?

* 13. Contact Information

* 14. Should the City of Elko and Elko County undertake efforts to attract better broadband service to the region?