Maccabi Canada is actively raising money to help fund the participation for Elite Athletes.  Availability of funds is subject to the success of our campaign.  There is no guarantee that any funds will be available to any athlete.

The Maccabi Canada Elite Athlete Grant is accepting applications from athletes who have competed in an age category of 19+ or older in their respective sport. To qualify for Maccabi Canada’s Elite Athlete subsidy, an athlete must meet the following criteria:

Full subsidy:

1.       Olympic athletes from the most recent Olympics
2.       A participant in the most recent Pan Am or Commonwealth Games
3.       Athletes who have competed at the highest level in the world (19+ or older age category) in their event in the last 4 years.  For example: Tennis players on Men’s or Ladies circuit, hockey players in NHL, golfers on PGA tour, etc.

Half subsidy:
1.       National team players in their age category with international experience
2.       Athletes ranked in Canada among the top 10 in their sport in the age category that they will be competing in Israel

To be considered all athletes applicants must be up to date on all their payments*.  All applications must be submitted by March 15th, 2022. 

Subsidies are subject to available funds. Maccabi Canada does not guarantee funding. Applying for a subsidy does not guarantee that a subsidy will be granted.

*If an athlete qualifies for a subsidy, they will be refunded all 1st degree donations minus a 5% processing fee.

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* 1. Athlete's Information

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* 2. Athlete's Date of Birth
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* 4. Please qualify your request by providing a detailed outline of your achievments, including backup documentation.

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* 5. List 2 professional references we may contact.
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* 6. Will you agree to assist/represent Maccabi Canada with appearances/involvement in Maccabi Canada activities and/or events as mutually agreed to.

Upon selection sponsorship amounts may be awarded at Maccabi Canada's discretion, subject to availability.  The above does not represent a complete set of criteria.  Maccabi Canada reserves the right to add any additional criteria at its sole discretion.

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* 7. Please provide any additional information you feel will help support your application.

Thank you for your application.  A Maccabi Canada representative will contact you shortly.