Dear Friend,

We are have been in a long term relationship with JDLevy & Associates as a partner in organizational health and sustainable growth. We are currently working to evaluate our Westside future impact. As part of that that work, we would like you to consider completing this assessment that will help to provide deeper insights into our future direction. This information is going directly to JDLevy & Associates to ensure the highest integrity in the feedback you provide.

Elevate believes that every child is of great worth and has the desire and potential to succeed in life and give back to their community. Through Elevate Indianapolis (Elevate) high school students are given wholistic support to help them graduate and discover their pathway to purpose—either through enrollment, enlistment, or employment.

Elevate students are increasing their graduation rates, post-secondary placement, and the earning power. They are capable of breaking free from generational poverty. At the same time, the program is boosting the local economy by providing cost savings to communities and employers.

Elevate has an exciting opportunity to establish a new pipeline on the City’s Westside in George Washington Highschool and Matchbook Learning Wendall Phillips School 63, through our Westside We Care Initiative.

Through this expansion, an additional 450 at-risk 4th-12th-grade students can prepare to graduate by 2022. These new students will be in addition to the 450 students currently in the program in the East-side pipeline at Arsenal Tech High School. Altogether, this will allow 900 students to be equipped with the skills and supportive relationships they need to graduate and discover their future pathway to purpose.

You have been selected by the board and staff of Elevate to participate in development planning and a feasibility study. This study is designed to help Elevate understand its donors’ interests and perspectives regarding a future funding initiative. Your feedback is critical and will be used to help shape the future direction of Elevate’s development and programming.

Would you please take a few minutes (10-20) to review the enclosed case document showcasing the proposed Westside We Care Initiative along with the gift range chart. Then fill out the enclosed survey and return to JDLevy & Associates according to the options listed. Simple phrases and a few word answers are all that are needed to answer most questions.

You will help determine how to proceed and raise the necessary funding to establish the West-side pipeline and increase graduation rates at George Washington High School.

We appreciate your generous giving of your time. Your feedback and personal insights will be stewarded appropriately. Your survey responses will remain confidential to JDLevy & Associates unless you elect not to remain anonymous. Only with permission, will JDLevy & Associates associate your name with your responses.

Please complete the survey by March 1, 2020.

Thank you in advance for taking time to help guide our future steps!

Aaron Story