16 Questions --- All Questions Optional

The Gilbert School District is seeking to solve problems with scheduling in the elementary schools. An unintended consequence of a recently proposed solution would cause a reduction to elementary band and strings instruction time by as much as 38%. Although it is not the direct intention of the district to cut music, they are considering whether reducing band and strings instructional time is an acceptable way to address the scheduling issues. This survey is designed as a means to communicate to the district the level of priority the Gilbert community places on music education and whether music cuts are an acceptable method for solving schedule problems. For more info on the issues, visit http://www.GilbertMusicMatters.com.

If you are in a hurry, skip the written questions and you can be done in 3 to 5 minutes. You can come back and finish it later by going to http://survey.gilbertmusicmatters.com. You can only submit one survey per computer.


* 1. The district is seeking to achieve the following goals with the existing schedule:

- Create schedule consistency.
- Reduce the inefficiency of study hall downtime.
- Create a common prep time for classroom teachers.
- Allow for longer periods of instructional time in the classroom (chunking).

Do you believe it is important to improve the schedule in these areas?

* 2. How important is music to the overall educational/academic experience in Gilbert?

  Extremely Important Somewhat Important Less Important Not Important
Elementary Band and/or Strings
Junior High and High School

* 3. Do you want to see the elementary through high school music programs in Gilbert stay at the current level of achievement, quality, emphasis, etc.?

* 4. Any other comments on the quality and/or importance of music education in Gilbert?

* 5. How much do you believe that learning an instrument in elementary school contributes to a student's academic performance (grades, test scores, etc.)?

* 6. How concerned would you be if elementary band and strings instructional time was reduced?

* 7. What do you think the impact would be if elementary band and strings instructional time was reduced?

* 8. Is reducing elementary music instructional time an acceptable approach to fixing scheduling problems?
(Note: In the current proposals, music is the only subject being reduced.)

* 9. Do you have a preference between existing six-day schedule versus the proposed five-day schedule?

* 10. Any other comments or suggestions on how to balance elementary scheduling and music instruction?

* 11. How do you rate the current quality of music education in the Gilbert District from elementary through high school?

* 12. How important do you think the elementary music programs are to the success of Junior High and High School music programs in Gilbert?

* 13. How should the distrcit view, emphasize, or prioritize the role of music (elementary through high school) in the overall educational experience?

* 14. Contact Information (Each item is optional. But if you provide, we can keep you up to date!)

* 15. Do you currently have, or did you previously have students attending Gilbert Schools? Are you a current or former Gilbert student? If so, what schools and what music programs? Are you a teacher or principal in Gilbert? (Anonymous responses are okay.)

* 16. Describe Yourself (Anonymous Okay)