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In order to maintain the safety of all campers, as a Kids and Culture Camp staff member, employee or volunteer, I agree to adhere to the following policy:

1. Personal cell phones will be kept on silent, mute, vibrate, or low sound/ring during camp and will only be used if it relates to camp business and/or the welfare of my family. If I need to use my cell phone for matters other than those stated above, I will do so during my breaks and outside of the classroom so that I will not disrupt the camp activities.

2. Personal cell phone calls and use of other personal electronics are only permissible during break or lunch times only.

3. Use common sense when making or receiving personal cell phone calls at work. For example, staffers should speak quietly and reserve personal or intimate details for non-work hours.

4. Personal cell phone use, even when permitted, must never include language that is obscene, discriminatory, offensive, prejudicial or defamatory in any way (such as jokes, slurs and/or inappropriate remarks regarding a person's race, ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, color, age or disability).

5. The use of cameras on any electronic devices during work time is limited to the use of taking camper related pictures that may be sent to the Camp Director for distribution to parents and used for promotional purposes.

6. Cell phone and electronic devices may not be used to take pictures, or transmit text messages which, include but is not limited to, messages or images that are inappropriate, sexual in nature, deemed offensive, a safety risk, or a violation of any Kids and Culture Camp rules.

7. If use of personal cell phones or other personal electronic devices cause disruptions, loss of productivity, or distracts from carefully watching and caring for campers, I may become subject to disciplinary action. Violations of this policy may result in termination of employment or volunteer service. Kids and Culture Directors reserve the right to request that I provide cell phone bills and usage reports for calls made during working hours to determine if use is excessive.

I certify I have read the Kids and Culture Camp Cell Phone and Other Electronics Policy and I agree to abide by the conditions therein. I understand that entering my name below constitutes a legal signature confirming that I acknowledge and agree to all the terms outlined on this form.

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