Changing the way we vote

For almost 150 years, the MP with the most votes has been the winner in federal elections – this is called “First Past the Post” – like the winner is decided in a horse race. Our new federal government is proposing to change the way we elect our MPs. The territories have a strong tradition of consulting the people on major decisions and have built in various mechanisms to ensure full public engagement; in Nunavut, the Plebiscite Act regulates direct votes on community and Nunavut-wide questions.  For example, past important questions on which the people of Nunavut were given a voice include:
  • Do you agree with dividing the NWT—yes or no? (1982)
  • Where do you want to have Nunavut’s capital—Iqaluit or
    Rankin? (1995)
  • Should each Nunavut constituency elect one female and one
    male MLA—yes or no? (1997)
I believe that the people must have a voice and a vote if we are to change our way of electing MPs.  
Are you happy with First-Past- the-Post – keeping the system the way it has been for both federal, territorial and municipal elections? Or do you agree with changes proposed by the Liberal Party to end the First-Past-the-Post system of voting to be replaced by a form of preferential balloting, (ranked or proportional) where voters would choose their MPs by marking which party they prefer to vote for in order on the ballot? Do you feel you know enough about each option to choose? Do you agree that if our voting system is to change, all Canadians should vote in a referendum rather than have Parliament and political parties make the change?
Please fill out this short survey to help me ensure the federal government makes the changes Nunavummiut want to see happen. 
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Thank you for participating! 

* 1. Select your age group

* 2. Did you vote in the last election in October 2015?

* 3. Have you ever voted in a federal election?

* 4. When you have voted, what have you generally voted for? (Check all that apply)

* 5. Should Canadians be able to vote online?

* 6. Do you believe there should be a law that requires everyone to vote?

* 7. How would you rate your understanding of these electoral systems?

  Not familiar - I know little to nothing about this Somewhat familiar - I vaguely remember reading about this in school or recently Familiar - I understand the concept Very familiar - I know the system, who uses it, and have an opinion about Canada using it
Proportional Representation
Alternative Vote
Single Transferable Vote
Mixed Member Proportional

* 8. Before changing how we elect our MPs, should the government hold a referendum or plebiscite to get the approval of Canadians?

* 9. What comments or suggestions do you have that would improve our electoral system?