* 1. How often do you use the recreational facilities at:

  Daily Weekly Monthly Few times per year Never
Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary, Combs Road
Community Garden at Park Hill Road
Manhan Rail Trail
Pleasant Green Playground
Plain and Strong Streets Playground
Center School Playground
Maple School Playground
White Brook Middle School Fields
Other Schools
Nashawannuck Pond
Lower Mill Pond Park (Millside Park)
Daley Field
Nonotuck Park
Nonotuck Pool and Spray Park
Other Parks

* 2. How often do you use trails at:

  Daily Weekly Monthly Few times per year Never
Manhan Rail Trail
Nonotuck Park - Toteman Trail
Borachowski Conservation Area
Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary (Audubon)
Mount Tom
Edward J. Dwyer Memorial Conservation Area (Pascommuck Conservation Trust / PCT)
Old Pascommuck Conservation Area (PCT)
Brickyard Brook Conservation Area (PCT)
Pomeroy Meadow Conservation Area (PCT)
Broad Brook Meadows Conservation Area (PCT)
Old Trolley Line Conservation Area (PCT)
John Bator Park Conservation Area (PCT)
Hannum Brook Conservation Area (PCT)

* 3. How often do you use these water resources for recreation (e.g. fishing, boating, swimming)

  Often Sometimes Never
Nashawanuck Pond
Manhan River
Bassett Brook
Hannum Brook
Lower Mill Pond
Connecticut River
Connecticut River at Oxbow

* 4. Are there any other places you use for recreation? What activities do you participate in?

* 5. Please check all of the following activities that you do in Easthampton.

* 6. Which recreational opportunities do you feel need to be expanded/enhanced?

* 7. How important is it to you to protect these resources?

  Very Important Important Not Very Important Not Important No Opinion
Surface Water (lakes, ponds, streams)
Groundwater / Aquifer
Wildlife Habitat
Scenic Views
Open Space
Historic and Cultural Resources

* 8. Which of the following do you consider the most important resources to protect (please check your top three choices)?

* 9. How satisfied are you with the places in the community for the following activities?

  Very Satisfied Satisfied Somewhat Satisfied Not Satisfied N/A
Team sports (soccer, softball, football)
Walking/running trails
Ice hockey/skating
Nature Observation
Dog Walking

* 10. Is there a park or conservation area within a 10 minute walk from your home that you use?

* 11. Do you have anything else to tell us about your thoughts on Easthampton's open spaces and/or recreational opportunities?