Project description

Professional English language programme for journalists

The Professional English language training program for journalists is delivered by the British Council on behalf of the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. The program is designed to support Kazakhstan’s aspiration of to develop the professionalism of journalists and expand knowledge of the English language as it becomes a trilingual society.

The program will provide 160 hours of English classes to journalists at Kazakhstani print, TV, radio and online media outlets in eight cities. Courses will run from February to December 2019, with breaks over the summer and for Kazakhstani public holidays.

To be eligible for a place on the program, you must:

-       Be currently working as a journalist at a print, TV, radio or online media outlet in Kazakhstan

-       Live and work in Astana, Almaty, Aktobe, Aktau, Karaganda, Kostanai, Oskemen or Shymkent

-       Be able to commit to attending 4.5 hours of classes per week, plus completing any homework assigned by your teacher.

To apply for a place on the Professional English language training program for journalists, please complete the following short application form by 11 December.

Based on your answers to the questions below, the US Embassy and British Council will carry out a pre-selection process. Applicants who are pre-selected will be informed by 14 December. Applicants who already know some English will be sent an online English placement test to be completed by 12 January. They may also be contacted by a language instructor to take part in a short spoken interview, to further help us assess their levels of English. It is important that you complete this test yourself and do not ask anyone to help you. The test results will be used to ensure you are placed in a group at the correct level. They will not affect whether or not you are selected for the course.

The final decision on participation in the program will be taken by the US Embassy in Kazakhstan. The decision will be taken based on a number of factors including city of residence, motivation for participation in the program, and level of support expressed by the employer.

Selected participants will be informed by 25 January. Courses will start on 11 February 2019.