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**Click here to download a Word version of the form to help you and your team draft your nomination. Please note: you must submit your actual nomination online.**

The Eddies!—one part roast, one part toast—is an Oscars-style celebration of advocacy gains made on behalf of students, recognizing progress, honoring difficult work, and, through a night of hearty laughter, recharging spirits and commitment.

Help decide whose work is recognized this year by nominating a PIE Network member or partner (see a complete list of members and partners). And because we don't always know what's happening in every statehouse, you can also nominate your organization.  

Advocacy work is recognized in the five categories below. If you want to nominate the work of multiple organizations, please submit one nomination at a time. After completing your first nomination, you will be automatically redirected back to the beginning where you can fill out a second (or third!) nomination.

Click here to learn more about the policy advances recognized last year, and here to read through the 2019 Eddies! Q&A.

NOTE: 2019 winners, and potentially top finalists in each category, will be required to share best practices and lessons learned via webinar, blog, in-person panel etc.

MOST ACTIONABLE RESEARCH: A resource or tool that was widely applicable to state-level advocacy and was broadly leveraged across the Network to help advocates make a compelling case for policy change.

BEST KEPT SECRET: A big advance in (or defense of) policy that didn’t get big press.

BEST ENSEMBLE CAST: A coalition artfully organized to respond to particular opportunities or challenges in their states that contributed to a policy win and is worthy of replication.

GAME CHANGER OF THE YEAR: A PIE Network member or partner state advocacy campaign that led to a truly game changing policy change or protected a critical existing policy.

NETWORK MVP: A team member of a PIE Network state-based member organization who has gone above and beyond to support advocates across state lines, OR a team member of a PIE Network national partner who has been exceptionally helpful to state-based advocates above and beyond that of their job description to move an issue forward.

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Question Title

* 1. Which PIE Network organization (state advocacy org, charter association, or national partner) would you like to nominate?

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* 2. Were any additional PIE Network member organizations involved (including state advocacy orgs, charter associations, or national partners)?

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* 3. What policy was advanced? (Share brief overview. More detailed questions to follow.)

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* 4. While the work of this organization or individual may fit in multiple areas, which category would you like to make a nomination for? Please select the best option. You will then be prompted to answer questions specific to this category. We'll ask you if another category also makes sense later.