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Is PL2 Funding right for your Association?

PL2 funding enables Educators SA member associations to create and implement exciting and innovative projects.  The funding provides an opportunity to do something that you would otherwise not be able to do; a chance to be innovative, to learn along the way and to share that learning with colleague associations to everyone’s benefit.

So, if your association has a great idea or has been wanting to try something to benefit your members or prospective members then read further!

What is it?
Professional Learning Stream 2 (PL2) funding is project-based funding for innovative projects around the following key focus areas for Educators SA:
  • Targeting and supporting early career educators
  • Supporting rural and remote members and/or non-members
  • New approaches to providing professional learning and/or resources
  • Leading the profession forward: implementing aspects of the OECD’s 2030s agenda
  • Opening new opportunities for your association and its members.
  • Implementing high quality mentoring opportunities
  • Supporting educators to progress through the career stages of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers
  • Something that takes your association to a new level or new place.
PL2 funding is NOT for:
  • Underwriting or co-funding your conference or workshop
  • Paying existing conference keynotes and other presenters
  • Catering, equipment or room hire (these must be covered through 'cost recovery'
  • Activities that could reasonably be considered to be normal or usual activities for your association.
  • NB: if you are requesting funding for “NOTs” above, you would need to demonstrate exceptional circumstances or a unique innovation in what you propose, e.g. online live streaming to country members.
Funding for an individual association is a maximum of $6000; applications will need to provide a breakdown of expected costs and should not be just an ambit claim for the maximum funding.  Combined applications of two or more associations can apply for greater than $6000; approval of all funding is at the discretion of the funding panel.

Selection Process
Applications must be submitted online by 11:30pm on 19 January 2022
All applications will be considered by a panel appointed by the Educators SA Board using the criteria outlined above.  All decisions of the panel are final including the amount awarded to successful projects.
Important Advice
  • Be clear about your intended outcomes and how they will be achieved.
  • Be specific about how your project will operate; remember the selection panel won’t have your understanding of the project so paint a picture for them in a concise way.
  • When writing your application take into consideration the reporting areas outlined in the Project Report Form.
  • Only in exceptional cases will the same project be funded in consecutive years.
  • Each individual association can submit only one individual application each year; this does not exclude an association from also being part of a joint project proposal.
  • Associations funded in 2021 are able to submit a proposal for 2022. However, previous funding may be considered by the panel if insufficient funds exist to fund all submitted projects.
  • The selection panel may require more information to finalise their decisions; associations will be contacted if such further information is required.
  • The panel may choose to provide the full requested amount or a portion of the requested funding.
  • All decisions of the panel are final.
  • Any unspent funds must be returned to Educators SA to
  • Any inappropriate or unapproved use of the funding may result in an association having to refund all or part of the funding provided.  Inappropriate use would be determined by the panel and would encompass illegal activity, personal gain or other use that could bring Educators SA or the PL2 funding process into disrepute.  Should an association be required to return or reimburse all or part of the funding, they can appeal to the Board of Educators SA in writing disputing the decision of the selection panel.  The Board’s decision is then final and binding on all parties.  This is the only area for appeal in the PL2 process; all other decisions of the selection panel are final and binding.
If you wish to return to your application to add or edit, you will need to use the same device you used to first enter your information.  Consider doing a draft in Word first and then pasting into the online format  when you are ready to finalise your application.

Advice and support are available for Rod Nancarrow, Executive Director Educators SA or 0409630282
After approval, any change to the agreed project must be negotiated with the Executive Director who will liaise with the selection panel.

Important Dates:
22 November 2021               PL2 funding process opens
19 January 2022                   Applications close at 11:30pm
28 January 2022                  Outcome notified or further information sought
15 December 2022               Project reports provided to Educators SA
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