LA's Economic Development Initiative

Los Angeles CA: On Wednesday, March 6, at 7:00 pm, EmpowerLA will co-host a discussion regarding the City’s new Economic Development Initiative (EDI), Council File #08-3050, in City Hall’s Public Works Board Room.

City of Los Angeles Chief Legislative Analyst Gerry F. Miller and City Administrative Officer Miguel A. Santana will offer their insights on the implementation of the City’s new EDI that includes a new Economic Development Department and a related, independent Citywide Economic Development Nonprofit.

Mr. Santana and Mr. Miller will discuss how the economic development process will work in a newly-streamlined department and the role that Neighborhood Councils will play in the development of EDI projects. The three major actions associated with the development of the EDI are:

Create a new Economic Development Department that will consolidate existing functions within the City to streamline service delivery.
Identify and contract with a new Citywide Economic Development Nonprofit that will manage the City’s real estate assets, advance public/private real estate projects and provide expert analysis to guide transactions.
Select a Deputy Mayor for Economic Development who will be accountable for managing Citywide economic development activities.

The EDI builds on national best practices applied to the City’s unique concerns, invests existing City resources for start-up operations and positions the City for future business growth and job creation. This meeting is intended to present an overview of the new EDI, respond to questions regarding the City’s economic development process, and discuss how Neighborhood Councils can participate.