1. People Who Eat Cheese

General questions for all participants

1. How often do you eat cheese?

2. Have you ever purchased local, artisanal cheese?

3. Is it important to you that a cheese is made local?

4. Have you personally ever purchased/eaten any of the following cheeses?

5. Did you know these cheeses are traditionally made or can be made with sheep milk?

6. Do you know of any other cheeses traditionally made with sheep milk?

7. When buying a cheese which of the following is important to you?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important
Country of origin
US state of origin
Locally made
Made from cow milk
Made from goat milk
Made from sheep milk
Price of cheese
Flavor or taste of cheese
Convenience of packaging

8. Where do you purchase cheese? Select all that apply

9. Where do you purchase cheese made locally? Select all that apply

10. Would you pay more for a locally produced cheese?

11. Would you try a cheese if you knew it was made from sheep milk?

12. Are you PRIMARILY a: